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    The Tennis Training Vault has drills that cover kids tennis to elite players and everything in between (see below for full details).

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Section 1

Over 40 Video Kids Drills & Games

($79 Value)

Kids Tennis can be one of the most challenging parts of coaching. Not only do you have to be fun and engaging, but you need to have the right drills in place to help them improve.

A drill that is too hard will leave them frustrated and confused. A drill that is too easy will have them bored and unfocused. Our drills are battle-tested and proven to be fun, engaging and supportive of the development of the kids, from the ages of 4-13.

These drills are great for both coaches and parents looking to coach a kid in a private setting or in a group coaching environment. It's important to coach kids in the right foundations from a young age, so that as they grow up they'll have the right technique that will benefit them for years to come.

Even more importantly creating a desire for tennis is essential, which you'll have with our fun and engaging tennis drills and games. With 70% of kids dropping off from tennis by the age of 13 it's critical that we create an environment of fun for children every time they step out on the tennis court. With our kids drills and games this is all possible.

Section 2

1 Player Drills (Private Lessons)

($49 Value)

Are you a coach looking to take a player's game to the next level? Or are you a player yourself looking for some great drills that will work on both technical and tactical gameplay?

We have over 25 drills that are focused on improving a player on court. You'll never run out of training ideas with our 1 player tennis drills.

Section 3

2 Player Drills (Semi-Private Lessons)

($49 Value)

This section is great for when there are two players hitting on court, and both of them are focused on improving.

It's also a key section for coaches who are running semi-private lessons and need to keep both players engaged at the same time.

No matter whether you're a coach or a player our 2 player section has 30 high quality drills that will give you fresh ideas and keep you motivated to improve.

Section 4

3 Player Drills

($39 Value)

What do you do when you have 3 players on court? Well it's generally a tricky thing to work out...until now.

Our 3 player drills are full of fun, creative ideas that keep energy and intensity in the lesson, while ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to train and improve.

4 Player Drills

($39 Value)

When 4 Players are on court it's a great opportunity to work on tactical fundamentals for doubles. Our 4 player drills work not only on that, but also incorporate some singles tactical elements as well.

Quite often you'll get 4 players on court looking to train, however it's very easy to fall into the trap of not having complete engagement from all 4 players.

Our drills keep all 4 players engaged at the same time, while creating the optimal environment for learning and fun.

Section 5

5+ Player Drills & Games

($39 Value)

If you're a coach, you know one of the hardest lessons to coach is a group lesson.

For starters the average coach doesn't have enough courts to match the number of players in the lesson. Add to this the different playing levels and abilities, and you can quickly see how it becomes a tricky situation.

Our group drills and games create a fun, engaging team environment that has players competing and playing with very minimal downtime. You'll never run a boring group lesson again!


Section 6

Cardio & Fitness Drills

($39 Value)

Every great player moves well. Even the tall players on tour move so much better than tall players from previous eras.

Our cardio and fitness drills will give you effective and efficient footwork on court, meaning faster and more powerful movement.

On top of this, the drills will have you conditioned and fit for playing your best tennis yet.

If you're a coach, then these drills are extremely valuable for coaching high-performance players.

Section 7

Warm-Up Drills

($39 Value)

A great training session or match performance starts with a great warm-up.

Our warm-up drills will get a player's eye in, the mind alert, the muscles warm and the heart pumping ready for battle.

Our warm up games are both creative and fun and will be a hit for both coaches and players.

(Bonus) Section 8

Forehand, Backhand, Volley and Serve Progression Drills

($99 Value)

Ever wanted to know a great way to take a player's game from a beginner to advanced level?

Do you want to know what drills and progressions will be best to speed up a player's development for each specific shot?

Our progression lessons are the answer to this. We have lessons for improving forehands, backhands, volleys and serves, all with unique and creative drills that will see rapid improvements.

We don't stop short on quality with a combined total of over an hour and a half of video lesson time which showcases over 70 first-class drills and progressions ideal for both coaches and players.


Lavie Sak

Founder - Shot Stats

"Tennis Drills HQ has the variety of drills that allows you to work on specific techniques, tactics, and strategies. Knowing what to improve is half the battle, drills, like these are the other half."

Rhys Treasure

Managing Director Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association

"Tennis Drills HQ is a great resource for all Tennis Coaches. Caleb is to be commended on his efforts to compile such an extensive and diverse group of drills for all standards. We recommend his website to all our Coach Members."