Shortest Tennis Matches of All Time

[Infographic] Shortest Tennis Matches of All Time

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Edit: Thanks to Jason Flier who pointed out in the comments below, the date error in the Men’s Grand Slam table. The fix has now been made and updated.

Today we thought we’d throw together a fun little infographic that looks at the shortest tennis matches of all time. If you hadn’t already seen, Jarkko Nieminen disposed of Bernard Tomic in the Sony Open in March in a record 28 minutes and 20 seconds.

It was Tomic’s first match back since hip surgery after his injury in the 1st round match to Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open.

If you like the infographic, then feel free to share this with friends – we even have the option below the infographic to embed it on your own site. 🙂

[iconcolor icon=”search” size=”16″ align=”left”] Click the image and then click the upper-right-hand-corner zoom-button to view a larger version of this infographic.

Shortest Tennis Matches of All Time



  1. April 17, 2014

    Great infograph, but you made a typo mistake with Andy Murray in 1968. Thought you’d like to know

    • April 17, 2014

      Oh yes you’re right, cheers thanks for the heads-up. Actually now that I look closer we’ve messed up the dates in that bottom table. I’ll swap them around now and repost 🙂

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