Footwork & Volleys Warmup

Two of the most important things to work-on during a warmup is to get the feet moving and to get your eye in.

This is a great little drill that ensures that’s the case.

1. Player’s will work their way around cones, hitting volleys and smashes, going from cones 1 to 5, as the coach feeds balls to them at each cone.

2. At each cone the player will hit a different shot. Cones 1, 2 and 5 can be volleys. Cones 3 and 4 could be volleys. And once a player’s eye is in they could also include drive volleys or smashes.

3. The player will warm up their feet while naturally getting their eye in hitting volleys. It’s important to hit shots that are limiting a player’s swing path before moving to the back of the court to hit groundstrokes and serves. Volleys are a good way to achieve this.


footwork volleys


4. Once the player reaches the 5th cone they will work backwards from 5 to 1, with the coach again feeding balls to them.


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