Bounce Court

Bounce court is a warm-up game that is a favourite of a number of professionals, even Novak Djokovic is apparently a big fan of this as a warm up drill. The reason being is, it’s great for getting your feet moving correctly and your heart-rate up, it’s also involves strategy and tactical gameplay, and requires players to actively think how they will win the point.

It is also a whole lot of fun when  played competitively, and can get very serious! Especially when I’m playing! :p

  1. Each player covers both service boxes on their end of the court.
  2. Points are played out by hitting the ball first into your end of the court (into one of the player’s service boxes) and bouncing it over the net into the one of the opponents service boxes.
  3. If the ball goes into the net, or bounces outside the service boxes, the point is awarded to the opposition.
  4. The player on the opposite side then hits back, first bouncing the ball into their service boxes, over the net and into their opponents service boxes. This continues as the rally goes on, with the point being lost to the player who isn’t able to bounce the ball into one of their service boxes first and then into their one of their opponents service boxes.
  5. Players can play first to 10 points, or whatever the coach feels best.

bounce court tennis warm up

Coaches can restrict the playing environment to just one service box each to make the game harder.

  1. May 26, 2016

    I do this bounce hit down into the court with juniors first with no net involved – how many times in succession can they score as their record. Do this over the centre service line. They really like this game in this no-net area – it’s like their handball game with a racket.

    Then we might try bouncing the ball over the net which is much harder for juniors to consecutively control and hit down on

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