Body Bounce

Body Bounce is a fun, advanced warm up-game that gets the feet moving and the body working in a coordinated manner.

Essentially two players will be rallying between each other in the service boxes.

However before hitting the shot back the player must bounce the ball off their body, in whatever manner they desire.

Each player can allow the ball to bounce after they bounce it off their body before hitting it back.


body bounce warm up tennis game


The player’s will develop foot-eye coordination and hand-eye coordination as they bounce the ball of their feet, thighs, stomach or arms.

If this drill is too hard, allow the player’s to let the ball bounce an unlimited amount of times after they bounce it off their body, before they hit it back into their opponent’s service boxes.


  1. May 26, 2016

    I like the bump it up first then hit type drill which calls for control of the racket head and ball before rallying over the net each time
    So feed in let it bounce bump up hit over net bounce bump up hit over the net etc.
    Very good drill to see where juniors are in their control of the ball plus it slows the rally down
    Good for adults too as a cooperatives warm up drill or even as a quick footed drill in service squares with crafty well placed balls

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