Back and Forth

This is a fun warm-up game to start a training session off, and the best thing is you can do it with 3-1o players on a court.

  1. The coach will feed balls to two players standing on the baseline on either side of the centre line.
  2. The first ball will be fed for a baseline groundstroke to each individual player. The second ball will be a short approach shot that they should hit around the service line.
  3. If a player hits both these shots in, they then have to run backwards facing forward at all times, until they reach the back fence, which they must touch.
  4. Once they touch the back fence they continue the same two-shot sequence from the original baseline position.
  5. Once a mistake is made the player will go to the back of the line on their side of the court, and the next player in line will line up.
  6. As its a warm up game the coach should progressively make the shots harder (and by also making harder targets for advanced players such as down the line shots only). This will ensure that players are rotated often and players are not warming down at the back of the court.

back-and-forth court warm up


To improve the warm up and keep the blood flowing for all players, particularly with large groups, the coach can put footwork drills or skipping ropes at the back of the court, out of the way, for those players who are waiting in line.

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