Slam Dunk Serving

Slam Dunk Serving focuses on racquet acceleration as well as ensuring the contact point for serving is as high as possible. It will also ensure player’s maintain a side on position while serving in order to maximise power.

  1. The server will begin next to the net, and tries to ‘slam dunk’ the ball over the back fence by serving it into the applicable service box.
  2. Progression occurs through the player slowly moving back, until they reach the baseline.

slam dunk serving

The coach should be focused on ensuring the player maintains correct technique throughout the whole process. Although a ‘big bomb’ flat serve is the focus for this drill the coach should also include kick serves as part of this drill, focusing on racquet head speed throughout the shot (that includes natural acceleration and deceleration of the racquet).

The coach should have the player serve both sides of the court (both deuce and advantage side).

Thanks to Runner Click for the support of this drill

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