No Step Return

This is a serving drill, that focuses on improving the servers accuracy, variety and overall focus. It allows the server to realise the effectiveness in the serve is not always power, but generally a combination of hitting your targets, and ball spin.

The server will serve normally with both a 1st and 2nd serve, however the player on the other end, a coach in this instance can not move to return the serve. If  the coach returns the serve back into play, the point goes to the coach (returner), if the serve is not returned, then a point is given to the server. The player will serve out a normal service game.

The server will soon realise that pace can be taken off the ball, and increased ball spin applied (while maintaining racquet head speed), with the result being an effective serve. The server will have to ensure that they hit their targets however, and allow the spin to take the ball away from their opponents, whether it is a slice or kick serve.

no step return of serve


The final effective serve will be a hard flat serve into the body. Without the returner moving their feet this can be a very effective serve.

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