Mix It Up

‘Mix It Up’ can be done in a private lesson, or in a lesson of two where both players have the same focus in mind.

This tennis drill looks at players, hitting against a coach or a partner, having an emphasis on mixing up, or ‘changing gears’ as many times as possible in a rally. That includes hitting slices, lobs, heavy deep shots, flat shots, crosscourt shots, or down the line shots, and even coming into the net and playing  aggressive volleys and drive volleys.

The purpose of this drill is to ensure their opponents don’t get too comfortable and don’t get into a comfortable rhythm when playing against this certain player. Changing gears and mixing things up is a crucial component to any advanced player’s tactical game play.

changing gears tennis players drill


The coach can choose to have the rallies begin with a serve or a drop-and-hit to a specified area.

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