Hit To The Coach

The coach will be hitting with a player (note this can be another player rather than the coach if need be). There are three channels set up on each end of the court marked out by the cones and the singles lines.

The coach (on the right hand side in the image below) has the key to move and hit to whatever channel he/she wants to. The player on the other end of the court must move to the channel where the ball has been hit to as well as hit back to the channel that the coach is stationed at. The coach can move between channels during the point as well as hit to whatever channel they feel like during the point.

This is an advanced drill for a good player, and challenges the player to make sure they are on their toes to move to the correct channel quickly as well as improving their peripheral vision of seeing where their opponent is moving to on the court.

advanced tennis drill hit to the coach

  1. May 4, 2016

    Looks like a good one for any level. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

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