Going Back Inside

This drill will help players, make quick changes of direction and maintain an effective defensive game. A strong defensive game is just as much about footwork as about anything else. Without effectively moving to the ball, player’s won’t even be able to execute the appropriate defensive shot to remain in the point.

  1. The coach will feed side to side, as many times as the coach feels necessary.
  2. At some point the coach will go back inside the player (hitting back to where the player came from – indicated by the orange arrow).
  3. The player is then encouraged to hit a high defensive shot back to the safe spot (the box where the cones are). This spot provides the least amount of angle for the opponent to hit back to, and is also deep in the court. By hitting deep and high, the ball will travel in the air for longer, allowing for a longer time for the player to recover.

going back inside forehands and backhands

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