Backhand Control

This drill is about helping players become more control orientated under pressure with their backhands. For the drill the players will hit inside-out – inside-in and backhand on the run shots.

Although inside-out and inside-in backhands are not used very often in a match situation, (unless a player is more comfortable off the backhand-wing) this drill still has the purpose of putting the player and their footwork under pressure when hitting their backhand shots, and in doing so improve their control and consistency.

  1. The coach will begin by hand feeding (Spanish feeding style) past the right shoulder of the right handed player. The player will run around and hit an inside-out cross court backhand.
  2. The player will the crossover step back to the middle upon which the coach will feed again to the same spot and the player will run around and hit an inside-in down the line backhand.
  3. The coach will then immediately feed a ball deep to the ad-court for the player to run across and hit a backhand on the run.
  4. The player will then cross-over step recover back to the middle to do it all over again.

backhand control shots


The coach can vary the speed and number of circuits in this drill. With advanced players this can be a good test for the player control and movement under constant fatigue. The coach can also move to the other side of the net and feed using a racquet.

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