3 x 5 x 3

Once you get the hang of this tennis drill it becomes a very effective and flexible drill that you can suit to each player’s ability.

  1. The coach will have three balls (carry a 4th one just in case of a coach’s mistake).
  2. The player on the other end is only allowed to make two errors. An error on the third ball will be game over.
  3. The coach will move to all 5 point locations, indicated by the numbers 1-5 in the image below.The coach is not allowed to move when at each point location and can only hit volleys. These volleys can be hit to any location in the court.
  4. The player must hit three consecutive shots back to the coach (without the coach moving) in order for the coach to move to the next point. The coach will have to move between each point location (area) during the rally and call the shot number out after each volley they hit.
  5. If the player can hit 15 shots (3 shots x 5 locations) straight back to the coach without making 3 mistakes they have completed the drill.


tennis consistency drill 3 x 5 x 3

There are many flexible variations that this tennis drill can include:

  • Change the number of mistakes allowed, to a lower or higher number
  • Change the number of shots the player must hit back to the coach at each point location.
  • Only allow the player to hit forehands or backhands
  • Change the point locations to different areas (randomise the location).



  1. June 20, 2014

    Thanks a lot for this valuable tips.
    I discussed with my coach and doing practice in the same line.
    This days I am struggling with my court movements.
    No doubt I am doing all the workouts to improve the court movements.
    I feel some of the specific drills that I expect from the coach am not getting.
    What to do ?
    Please guide me
    Sincerely your
    Geetam Mishra.

    • June 21, 2014

      Hi Geetam,

      I’m glad you’re doing these drills and working on your movement. I would chat to your coach and discuss the plan your coach has in place for you. Discuss both the short term and long term goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. Then look at including drills into your training that both of you feel will accomplish your goals.



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