Under the Bridge

Under the bridge is a good early stroke progression game for those aged 3-6 who are still developing their fundamental motor skills.

  1. The Children will stand in front of a cone, with their racket in hand.
  2. One player will have their racket in their hand hitting a “forehand” shot along the ground, practising hitting a shot side on. However their shot will be almost like hitting a ‘put’ in golf and will go along the ground.
  3. The aim is to hit the ball through the legs of the other player opposite them, who will have their legs spread apart to allow the ball to go through and hit the cone behind them.
  4. Once a shot has been made to the other players cone, the other player will then hit the ball back in the same fashion, irrespective of whether the ball hit the cone or not.

Under The Bridge

Allow the kids to practice both forehands and backhands (backhands with two hands). So an option would be 3 minutes on forehands and then 3 minutes on backhands.

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