Tunnel Chase

Players will split up into pairs for this game.

1. As per the diagram below both players will face the baseline with the player nearer the net with a low-compression ball and racquet in their hand.

2. The player nearer the baseline will spread their legs.

3. The player with the ball and racquet will aim to hit the ball between their partners’ legs.

4. The player with their legs apart will wait for the ball to go through their legs (their back remains turned to their partner). Once it goes through their legs, their job is to sprint and try and stop the ball before it reaches the baseline.

5. They will then under-arm throw the ball back to their partner.

Tunnel Chase


6. Teams will get 1 point for getting it through the legs, and another point for getting the ball before it reaches the baseline

7. Swap roles after 2 minutes and challenge the players to try and beat their previous score.

It’s a great idea to get kids doing as many partner-based games as possible, in order to develop teamwork from a young age.


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