The Line Game

A great warm-up game that increases children’s knowledge of the tennis court is The Line Game.

1. The coach will line the players up in the starting position. This can be on the service line as per the image below.

2. The coach will then call out a line or object and the players will have to run to it. For example “Baseline”, “Advantage Singles Line”, “Net” or even “Back Fence”.

3. You could create a competition, giving a reward to the first child to the line.


The Line Game gives tennis kids knowledge of the court


Coaches can make this game even more fun, by tricking the players, such as pointing towards the net and calling out baseline. Or even having the players act out an animal as they move to the line. Such as “Bunny Rabbit to the Service line”, which would see the kids do bunny hops to the service line.

There’s even the option of placing a certain number of body parts on the ground when they reach the line. For example if the coach calls out “Baseline 3” the kids will need to run to the baseline and put three body parts on the baseline, which could be two feet and one hand.


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