Simon Says

The old classic game of Simon Says returns to the tennis court! This was one of my favourite childhood games, but I never got the chance to play it on the tennis court! So we’ve developed a drill that works well for kids in a tennis environment.

Just like the game you played as a kid, the young players will be required to do as Simon Says.

1. The coach should line the players up on the service line in front of them.

2. The coach will say “Simon Says” and then give an instruction. This instruction could be anything – your imagination is key here. It could be to hit an imaginary type of shot, to move to a certain line on the court, to hold a certain part of the racquet, or to complete a certain skill with a ball you provide them.

3. Just like the original game if a child does a task when the coach has not said “Simon Says” then they will lose the game.

4. Also the coach can introduce a rule, that if the player does not complete the task, or is the last to complete the task they will lose the competition.

Playing Simon Says

If one of the children lose the game, the coach should chose a task they must complete. It could involve them completing a jogging lap around the court and then reenter the game, or it might be that they have to sit down and miss a round, until the next child that loses takes their place.


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