Shot and Bounce Selection

In shot and bounce selection the kids will work together in pairs. One player will be the hitter and the other will be the thrower/catcher as show in the diagram.

The drill is quite simple. The thrower will call out a shot, such as “forehand” “backhand” or “volley” and will also call out a number, such as 1, 2 or 3. The shot they call out will be the shot that their partner has to hit, so therefore the hitter will have to move into an appropriate position to hit the shot, such as at the net for a volley, or on the service line for a groundstroke. The hitter should move to this position quickly.

The number that the thrower will call out represents the amount of bounces that the thrower must try and catch the shot off. 1 will equal one bounce, 2 equals two bounces and so on. The thrower should be ready to move to allow for the amount of bounces needed.


shot and bounces groundstroke or volley


Each pairing will get one point when the hitter makes a successful shot over the net with the shot that was called out. They will also receive a point if they catch it off the right amount of bounces.

The coach will rotate the players role after a few minutes, from hitter to thrower and vice-versa.



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