Serve Return Rally

In serve return and rally this kids tennis game looks at developing the first components of serve rally score, the philosophy encouraged by the ITF for young junior players.

On a modified court (if necessary – in the image below they are playing on a modified court and serving from the service line), players will serve, return and rally a ball back. Every time they achieve this sequence (so 3 shots in total) they get a point. Allow each server to serve 5 points in a row after which the will swap.

Teams can compete against each other for the highest score or compete against themselves individually to see if they can beat their high score.

If junior young players are not up to the level of serving allow them to drop and hit to begin.

Game Kids Tennis Serve Return Rally

If they use the service box a good trick is to mark out a centre-line (not shown in image above) so that they can learn to serve cross court.

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