Scoop Tennis

Scoop Tennis is a great kids tennis game that provides a fun element of teamwork. It can be used as both a warm-up game or a standalone tennis drill during the lesson.

1. The coach will divide the players into two teams of equal ability, putting each team on an end of the court.

2. The teams will verse each other, with all players playing at once.

3. The coach will feed the ball in. It will work as per the usual rules of tennis with some important differences.

4. A team can hit the ball as many times as they like between each other, before the ball goes to the opposition on the other end of the court. In fact the ball can even roll along the ground, or be scooped up against the fence or net and even have it bounce as many times as they like. A team’s aim is to hit the ball over the net to the other team (the court includes the doubles alley).

5. The way a team loses a point, is by:

– hitting the ball out when they attempt to hit it over the net

– hitting the ball under the net into the other end of the court

– hitting the ball around the net and it not going in as per normal tennis

– the ball stopping completely still on their team’s end of the court

– a player touching the ball twice in a row (a player can hit/touch the ball once and then has to wait until another player touches it before they can touch it again).

6. As the name suggests if the ball is rolling along the ground but hasn’t stopped still, a player can scoop the ball upwards against a fence to get it back into the air to better help one of their teammates to hit it back to the other end of the court.


scoop tennis kids drill


The coach should play first to 10 or 15 points.

Players will be required to work as a team and learn to communicate, as they are not allowed to hit the ball more than once in a row. So they will have to learn to play with other players on their team – much like doubles.


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