Rob The Nest

  1. Divide children into even teams and place a racquet with 7 balls in the team’s base (marked out with tennis cones) for each team, with another racquet in the middle with 11 balls.
  2. When the game starts players will take balls from either the middle or the oppositions racquets.
  3. If a player takes from the other team, they can be tagged in the opposition base area. If this happens they will have to stay trapped in the opposition’s base and can only be tagged out by a teammate who also can be tagged by an opposition player as well.
  4. After 5 minutes the team with the most balls back on their team’s racquet wins. The game can also be lost if all the players in one team are tagged in the opposition base area and therefore stay trapped in the opposition’s base.

rob the nest warm up drill tennis

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