Relay Race

The relay race is a simple team race around a cone and back, competing against the other team next to them.

Variations of the game can include:

  • Bouncing the ball between the racket and the ground
  • Bouncing the ball on top of the racket and letting it bounce once on the ground and then repeating (for advanced kids you may not allow them to let it bounce on the ground).
  • Hitting it and rolling the tennis ball along the ground
  • Balancing it on the racket while moving (for beginners).
  • A combination of the first two dot points (i.e. one bounce down on the ground and one bounce up — for more advanced players)

Tennis Game Relay Race

If a mistake is made, ensure that the boys and girls collect the ball and go back to where they made the mistake and begin again from there.

Let the children transfer the ball from one player in line to the next one by hand.

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