Racquet Skills Level Challenge

Kids love this game because it works at their own pace and is a game that will challenge any kid. There are 6 levels that the boys and girls can try and work through.

1. The coach will line up players on a coloured-spot marker that they will have to stand on and complete each level from. The diagram has these players on yellow drop-down spots.

2. The coach will demonstrate beforehand all 6 levels which the players have to try and complete. The players will start on level 1, and move to level 2, and so on as they complete each level.

Here are the levels – remember the players are not allowed to move off their drop-down marker, or they must re-attempt the level:

Level 1: bounce the ball downwards with the racquet 5 times in a row

Level 2: bounce the ball downwards with the racquet 10 times in a row.

Level 3: bounce the ball upwards with the racquet 5 times without letting it bounce on the ground

Level 4: bounce the ball with the edge (side) of the racquet 10 times in a row

Level 5: wrap the racquet around the back so that it is now to the left side of the body (assuming the player is right handed – it’s the right side of the body for a left-handed player) – they need to bounce the ball upwards on the top of the strings 8 times

Level 6: a player must put the racquet through their legs, coming from behind their body while in a crouching position, and bounce the ball on top of their strings 5 times without letting the ball bounce on the ground.


racquets skills different levels tennis drill challenge


Obviously the coach can change the number of times an action must occur (such as 5 or 10 bounces) depending on the skill level of the players, to make each level easier or more difficult.



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