Leopard Spots

Kids love target-practice games, and this allows all players to be active on the court, while practicing their accuracy and consistency.

As per the diagram below, the coach will set up target areas, preferably using Yellow or Orange Hula Hoops. These act as ‘Leopard Spots.’ Obviously Leopards don’t have pink spots, so try not to use pink hula hoops 😉 – though in saying that there’s no reason why you can’t call the tennis game Pink Leopard in that case!

1. The kids will play against each other, beginning with a drop and hit feed, and then will play out the point.

2. As usual every time a player wins a point they earn a point. However every time they hit a ball into a leopard spot they will also win a point. So the children can earn multiple points even during a rally.

3. Players can play first to 10 points.

Hula Hoops are Used as Leopard Spots for accuracy


The 2nd variation of this drill is to have the kids work as teams. They will earn points as a team every time one of the player’s hits it into a leopard spot. The first team to 10 points wins. For non-competitive personalities this is a much better variation of the tennis drill.

A coach can make the game easier or harder, by reducing or increasing the amount of leopard spot targets, or by increasing or decreasing the distance between the players – e.g. kid’s can play within the service boxes or from 3/4 court.

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