Lava Balls

Lava Balls is a good footwork, fitness and warm-up game that kids love to play.

  1. The boys and girls will line up inside the doubles alley. They are not allowed to step on the singles or doubles line or go outside of these lines (the lines are an imaginary cliff).
  2. The coach stands at the other end of the doubles alley (indicated by the racket below) and with a basket of balls besides him/her. The coach then starts rolling the balls towards the kids.
  3. The kids must dodge these balls (note: play with low compression balls [25% is ideal] so that getting hit does not hurt).
  4. If a boy or child gets hit by the rolling/low bouncing ball, they must go and pick up three balls and put them back in the basket, upon which they can rejoin the game.

Tip: Incorporate levels into the game. So begin on level 1 when the balls come slowly. Then move up levels where the balls go faster, or even two or three balls at a time. This will increase excitement for the game and keep things exciting for the kids.

Lava Balls Warm Up Tennis Kids Game


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  1. May 16, 2016

    Looking for some fun tennis drills/games for our Summer Camps

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