Hungry Crocodile

In the Hungry Crocodile the kids are lined up along the net ready to hit volleys.

The coach will visually show the players how to hit a volley, dependent upon the level of the child, the volley will either be more or less technically focused.

1. Once the kids are lined up the coach will feed a ball to a player, going from left to right to begin and then mixing it up randomly.

2. The players will try and hit a volley into the court. If they miss they will have part of their body eaten by the hungry crocodile.

3. After the first mistake they will lose an arm and have to put their non-hitting arm behind their back

4. After the 2nd miss they lose a leg and will have to hit the volley off one leg

5. After the 3rd miss they lose both legs and will have to kneel

6. After missing a 4th time they are out of the game


Hungry Crocodile Kids Tennis Game


The coach will have to provide a feed that is suitable to the player’s level and physical stature. If a feed off the racquet is too hard for the player, then the coach can underarm feed the ball.



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