Escalator Ride

In escalator ride the kids will play as many points as possible in a set time-frame determined by the coach (i.e. 3 minutes). Whoever is winning at the end of the time period will move up a court and the loser will move down a court. In the example below the player’s will either move up or down half a court, since the matches are two per tennis court (down-the-line half court tennis).

This should be undertaken on modified courts, with modified nets, ball and rackets appropriate for the level ability. On the diagram below the players are playing down-the-line half court, with a 3/4 length baseline marked out with drop-down-lines.

The coach should put a deterrent in place for time waster’s (i.e. those who waste time when they are leading). Examples of deterrents can be warnings that the score will be flipped e.g. of it’s 4-2 to player X, than player Y will be winning 4-2. However explaining this at the start should be enough warning to stop kids time-wasting during the match.

escalator ride tennis match kids

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