Dragons & Monsters Catch

This is a fun game that focuses on a young child’s coordination. A kid must learn to throw before they can effectively learn to hit a tennis shot, and this game works on that first stage of throwing.

1. The coach should divide the players into two teams. In the diagram there is two teams of two players.

2. One team will have the ball, throwing it between their partner and themselves.  They are the dragons, protecting their dragon egg. We use a soft low compression red coloured ball for this.

3. The other team will be the monsters. They are trying to knock the ball down as the other players try and throw the ball between themselves. If they successfully knock the ball down or catch it, the monsters will then become the dragons who will throw their dragon egg around.

4. If you have the ball you are not allowed to move. Their partner(s) can move around to get in position to catch and receive the ball.

5. Depending on the ability level of the player, you can make a rule so that the monsters can only move around hopping on one leg.


dragons and monsters catch


6. The team with the  highest score (number of catches of the dragon egg) at the end of the game wins.


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