Dodge the Dragonballs

Maybe on your grumpy days you’ve acted like a bit of a dragon on court. Here’s your chance to play that part you’ve been practicing.

The coach will be a dragon, facing the noble adventurous kids who are traveling over the molten lava up to the dragon lair.

Their mission is to stay alive while the dragon is rolling his/her flaming dragonballs towards the kids. The kids are only allowed to move in the service boxes, and must dodge all the low-compression balls that are moving their way.

Ok, maybe the storyline needs a bit of work, but I’m sure with just a little acting you can pull it off.

Essentially this drill is just dodgeball with low-compression balls. If a kid gets hit below the knees by a rolling ball, they need to go pick up 5 balls and place them back in the basket to continue on with their noble quest.

dragonball tennis

If the players go outside the service boxes they must also pick up 5 balls.


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