Cone Shot

This tennis drill for kids is a fun way for children to practice theirs shots while giving them the incentive to progress and advance.

Simply line the kids up on the service line on one side and have them stand behind a cone each (as indicated in the diagram below).

For kids who are beginners, the coach should stand just in front of them with a basket of tennis balls (as represented by the racket in the diagram) and hand-feed tennis balls to the children. For more advanced kids go to the other side of the net and either under-arm throw the ball to each player, or feed from the racket.

The coach should feed to a random player each time (in no order – so that the kids are continually focused and ready for the shot).

The kids should be aiming to hit a cone on the other side. If they successfully do this (and by using proper technique as determined by the coach), they are allowed to pick up their cone and take one step backwards to progress to the next level.

Tip: The coach should also allow kids to go to the next level (i.e. taking a step backwards) by demonstrating good technique over a few shots – that way the emphasis is on technique and not just hitting a cone.

Cone Shot Kids Tennis Drill

Incorporate a round of forehand shots and then on the next basket of balls a round of backhand shots, so that technique is worked on for both sides.

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