The coach will split players up into two groups in the Centipede game.

1. The teams will line up behind the baseline. The object of the game is to move as a team and have a ball that the coach feeds along the ground, travel through the legs of all members of the team (similar to tunnelball)

2. The coach will feed a ball along the ground that challenges the teams to move together and have it pass between their legs

3. If the ball goes through every team member’s legs then they will score a point.

4. The member at the back of the line will collect the ball, run to the front and throw the ball to the coach and take up their new position at the front of the line.

5. This process will repeat.

centipede drill


It’s a great game to play with kids as it focuses on not only movement but teamwork. The coach can gradually make the movements more challenging by feeding the ball along the ground further from each team.


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