Catch Your Way Back In

Catch your way back in is a classic favourite used by tennis coaches all around the world. If you haven’t heard of it before, fear not, I’ve gone over it below (with my own little twists on things).

1. Players will all begin on one end of the court, lined up horizontally (see diagram).

2. The coach will randomly feed to one of the players. This makes sure that every child is engaged, as they are not sure when they will receive a ball to hit.

3. If the player hits the ball back over the net, they are safe and they stay where they are (as long as they don’t get caught out – see below)

4. If a kid misses their shot they will need to go to the other end of the court and try and catch the ball to get back into the game (the diagram shows two players currently trying to catch the ball to go to the other end of the court to hit again).

5. The coach can choose what represents a “catch” depending on the skill level of the players. This could be a normal catch on-the-full for better players, or something as basic as stopping the ball with your hands before it rolls off the singles court for less experienced children.


catch your way back in


Different twists to the game could include:

– The coach can give immunity to a player if they successfully hit a backhand over the net (even if they get caught), and still allow the catcher to come back over to the other end to hit as well.

– Allow the players to rotate so they hit shots from different sides of the court (advantage and deuce side)

– One-hand-one-bounce is a great option. If the ball bounces once the catcher must catch it with one hand to go back to the hitting end of the court.


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