Bounce From Above

Kids will work in pairs working on their accuracy and feel-of-shot off their strings.

Note: Low compression balls (or foam balls) should be used to ensure safety if a player accidentally hits a ball into their partner.

1. Partners will line up with both partners facing the baseline. The player closest to the net will have a racquet and ball in hand.

2. As per the diagram below the player with the racquet and low compression ball will try and hit the ball just over their partners head.

3. Their partner will wait until the ball passes over their head and will try and catch the ball off the bounce just before it reaches the baseline.

tennis drills for kids bounce from above


Each time the partner is able to catch the ball before it hits the baseline they will receive a point.

The team with the most points after 2 minutes wins. The partners should then swap role.

This is a fun game that teaches kids how to control the ball off their racquet.

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