Bounce, Chase, Catch

This game has two different options or variations.

1. The 1st game variation is the coach feeding balls over the head of four players who are positioned across the court just inside the service line (as shown in the diagram below). The coach will feed a low-compression ball that will bounce over their head, and the child will have to run and catch it off the bounce.

The child must face their back to the coach and react once the ball goes over their head. The coach will call out the number assigned to the player before the coach hits the shot, so the player is aware the ball is for them.

2. The 2nd game variation is for more advanced children – the coach calls out the assigned number of the player when the coach hits a shot. The shot should go towards the player who will have their back turned. The player (who has their back turned) must quickly turn around when they hear their number and attempt to catch the ball.

Note: For safety use low compression or foam balls for this game.


bounce chase and catch the ball


Each time a player makes a catch in either game variation they take a step backwards. The player closest to the baseline after 5-10 minutes wins.

This is a great game for developing reaction, footwork and hand-eye coordination in kids.

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