Bonus Levels

The Bonus Levels tennis game gives an incentive for kids to be able to play great shots and move up levels (just like they would on a video game that they love to play).

Players will move up to the next cone on the court if they hit two shots in a row over the net (with good technique). If not they will go to the end of the line. Encouragement and leniency should be given to less advanced kids, so as to keep their motivation to improve.

  1. one player will be on the first cone, with a line behind the 2nd cone to keep a safe distance from the swinging racket
  2. two ball will be hand-fed to each child
  3. if both shots are made, the player will move to their left, to the next cone (level 2), and stand behind the 2nd cone until it is their turn to move up and take 2 shots on the front cone.
  4. Both balls will be fed no matter if a mistake is made on the first shot or not, however if there is a mistake on either shot the player will go to the back of the line on that cone, and does not move up a level.

Note: This drill is best performed with smaller groups, or with another coach present if there is 5 or more players, as waiting times between shots will take longer, and having to move between cones for different levels, when one child is on level 4 and another on level 2 can be time-consuming.

Bonus Levels Tennis Drills For Children

  1. February 24, 2014

    This drill naturally involves progression. However it can be used with better players as well – even adults love a ‘levels challenge!’ In their case have them complete more difficult exercises to go up a level.

    For example the coach could stand on the other side of the net, and the player must hit a forehand, backhand, forehand and backhand in a row to move to Level 2 etc.

    Having a good understanding of the standard of the players so each level gets a little tougher is key here.

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