Ball Pick-Up

When coaching kids, if you don’t approach ‘ball-pick-up‘ in the right way, it can turn out to be an almost impossible task. How do you get them to pick up balls, and do it in a fast effective way? Simple…give them an incentive.

Incentives can come in a variety of ways, from lollies, to bonus-points, to allowing them the right to join in on the next game. However one other incentive not-often used is to turn the ball-pick-up into a game itself.

This is how it works:

1. Split the boys and girls into pairs, or let them pick their own partners.

2. From here you can create a variety of different games. Here’s a few below:

– Give one player a bucket and the other player must pick up a ball and throw it into the bucket. The pair with the most balls wins.

– Make the pairs hold the bucket together at the same time, as they move around the court, and work as a team putting the balls into the bucket. The pair with the most number of balls wins.

– Have the pair hold a racquet together and work as a team putting the balls on-top of the strings as they collect them.

– Have the kids ‘own a spot of the court’ (such as a service box) and they move as many of the balls into that area of the court using their feet only.

– Tell the kids they are only allowed to use a certain body part to touch the balls and collect them, such as their right or left hand. Have their partner use the other hand, and tell the kids that each player in the pair must touch each ball at least once as they collect it.


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There are a number of different ways you can make ball-pick-up fun. Let us know your favourite ways in the comments below.

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