Being able to start a lesson with fun and excitement is key when coaching kids. Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s not something we always achieve as coaches. Having a great game in hand is a great step towards accomplishing this.

Asteroids is one of these tennis games…

1. The players will gather around the coach as shown below. The coach will have on his/her racquet, one ball less than the total amount of players. So for 5 kids, the coach will have 4 balls.

2. The kids will yell asteroids, and upon which the coach will throw the balls up in the air off his/her strings – the balls will naturally fly off in different directions.

3. It will then be a race for all the kids to get a ball each. One child will miss out.

4. That child will miss out on the next turn, and will get to call out Asteroids. They will replace the next person who gets out.



Just before finishing this tennis game, the coach can do a last-player-standing competition where there will be a winner declared. Each time a new round begins, the coach will have to take one more ball off his/her racquet.

While this competition is awaiting a winner, those that have lost can either cheer on the players remaining in the game, or do a jogging lap around the tennis court, which will provide an additional warm-up.


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