Court Sprints

Court Sprints are an effective way to develop speed, power and movement on the court (particularly if it’s a court you can slide on i.e. grass, clay). It will also increase the player’s anaerobic threshold if it’s a drill that is incorporated routinely into the player’s training schedule.

  1. Players line up on the doubles line.
  2. They begin by sprinting to the opposing doubles line, touching the line and sprinting back.
  3. They then sprint to the singles line, touch the line, and sprint back.
  4. They then sprint to the singles line right next to them, touch and sprint back to the doubles line they started on.

court sprints tennis cardio

Note: This sprint can be done in reverse. Coaches should also time the sprint and see how much the player’s progress throughout the term.

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    Nice apresentation and good programs

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      Thanks Licinio! 🙂

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