All Direction Sprints

A great conditioning drill that will work on a player’s movement in all directions.

All Direction Sprints follows the X-style cross shown in the diagram. Essentially you’ll see that the player begins on one of those cones and moves diagonally, making sure they go around every cone.

The other important feature of this drill is that the player will remain facing the net the whole time. This means the player will work on moving backwards (while facing forwards) an important movement skill that is often forgotten about.

They will also move laterally from side to side. Never let the player turn and run backwards, or turn and run sideways. The key is to develop rapid movement, moving in all different directions.


All Direction Tennis Court Sprints


Having fixed cones like this allows a coach to track improvement over time. I time my players’ fitness records and compare it over time in a graph.

A great free app that does this for you is TracknShare lite. I personally use this app and it has really helped tracking my players’ improvements over time.


  1. March 3, 2017

    Great drill indeed.

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