Question: What happens when tennis meets volleyball?

Answer: Something beautiful…something called Vennis.

Vennis works by allowing players to hit the ball between teammates before hitting it into the other end of the court.

1. Two teams will compete first to 11 or 21 points.

2. The normal rules of tennis apply, however players are permitted to hit the ball to their teammates (up to 3 shots per team), before they hit it into the other end of the court.

3. The ball is not permitted to bounce when hitting it between players of the same team.

4. Just like normal tennis, the ball is allowed to bounce once before it is first hit by a member of a team (e.g. after a player from the opposing team has hit a shot over the net).

Vennis Tennis


Formations are key in this game – when a ball is near the net the opposing team should move backwards to allow for smashes. They should then quickly move forward as a player “spikes” the ball upwards close to the net ready for one of their teammate to smash the ball.

This game should change considerably depending on the standard of the players – just don’t change it too much :). For example for weak players a bounce may be permitted for shots between teammates.

For stronger players a maximum of two shots per team could be a good way to go.

To make this game more like Vennis (and reduce the amount of single rally shots between teams) the coach could force a team to make two shots before hitting it back to their opponents, else they lose the point.

This is a great game to improve communication and teamwork! Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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