Two Points Back & Up

Two Points Back & Up is a fun game that can be used to get a group moving. It’s fast-paced assuming you don’t have too many numbers.

1. Players will pair up with one pair being the champions of the court – shown on the right of the court in the diagram below.

2. The other pairs will line up either on the deuce or advantage side of the court, behind cones that are placed near the net. Both partners will be in line so that they both come to the front of the line at the same time.

3. The coach will feed in the first ball that will land around point a. While the ball is in the air the pair of players will run back and play a point out from the back of the court.

4. If they lose that point they go to the back of the line and the new pairing comes on straight away.

5. However if they win that point the coach will feed in a second ball marked at point b.

6. If they win that 2nd point then they will be the new champions of the court, and the previous champions will go back around and line up behind the cones for their turn.

Back it Up Tennis


This drill can be modified to create new starting points. Perhaps the players can start from the back of the court and play their first point at the net through an approach shot. If they win that point they get a 2nd ball which is a lob – they then play out a point after that.

Just be sure to keep it fast-paced and exciting!

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