Throw, Hit & Catch

When you have a large group and you want to keep all players engaged in a stroke production drill than this is a great drill to have up your sleeve. It is particularly ideal for beginner to intermediate junior players who are still refining their strokes and don’t necessarily hit the ball with great power and pace.

Throw, Hit & Catch works as follows:

1. Players will pair up opposite each other on the doubles lines (young beginner players can move closer).

2. One side “the hitters” will be practicing their forehands (or backhands if the coach assigns that shot).

3. The other partner “the throwers” will be throwing the ball to their partners who will hit the shot back to them.

4. Each time “the throwers” catch the ball on the full they will receive a point as a team. They will be challenging the other teams.

group tennis throw hit and catch



Have the challenge last for one or two minutes and then have the throwers and hitters swap roles.

Particularly with younger players coaches should use low compression balls, which not only allows for better learning of technique but are also easier to catch.

Players should be encouraged to work on their accuracy and control through correct technique, topspin and adequate racquet head speed.

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