The Mole

The mole is a very fun group tennis game that requires both the ability to play tennis and strategy.

1. The coach will nominate a player on each team who will be ‘The Mole’.

2. The Mole’s job is to secretly play a match of tennis that helps the other team win. They are working to sabotage their team’s effort, and at the same time not being identified as The Mole. Therefore they shouldn’t make deliberate errors or easy set up shots, but sneakily put in shots (such as shots to an opponents strong forehand) to help sabotage their team’s efforts.

3. During the match, players at any time can nominate who they think the mole is on their own team. If they are successful, they eliminate the mole and can continue to finish the match without The Mole. However if the individual who guesses at who The Mole is,  and it turns out that they are wrong, they will be eliminated from the match and won’t be able to play until the next game.

4. Matches are first to 7, 10 or 15 points with a new mole chosen for the next match.

5. Players hit one-shot and then go to the back of the line and rotate through the team’s line.

Group tennis fun - the mole game


The game can also be modified to have more than one mole per team for large groups. Be sure to tell the players (including The Mole) the ideal way to play the game at the beginning, so they don’t make it obvious who The Mole is. By doing this, it actually makes The Mole think creatively how they can sabotage their team’s efforts without making it obvious through a very poor shot.

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