Team Catch

Team Catch is a drill for Warm Ups, 5+ Players and also great for Kids Tennis. It was really difficult adding this drill to an appropriate category! In the end we went with the Warm Up Drills section!

I love playing this drill with young and old (as long as they’re competitive) which this game normally brings out in anyone!

It works as follows:

1. Divide the group up into two even teams (either even by numbers or even by ability levels).

2. One team will throw a ball between their team mates as many times as possible without dropping it.

3. The other team will be trying to knock the ball down or intercept it – if they do this then the ball goes to the other team

4. The person with the ball can’t move, however the other players in the team can move around to allow their teammate with the ball to throw to them without it getting knocked down by an opponent on the other team.

5. The game should be played in a designated area where players can’t move outside that zone. For example in the back court box shown in the diagram.

team catch


Other rules can be added to give the game another element of fun; such as if a player from the opposing team intercepts and catches the ball without dropping it, then that team will start at the number of catches the other team had reached – for example if on the 8th throw the opposing team intercepts the ball, that opposing team’s next throw will be the 9th throw.

The team with the highest score after a certain amount of time (e.g. 5 minutes) wins.

If you have fewer players (or younger players) then use one service box for this game. If you have more players, look at using the whole singles court.

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