Stout’s Serves

Stout’s Serves is a great way to do group serving, however it can be adapted to work with as little as 2 players.

It’s fun and competitive and will get the intensity up with the players on court.

1. The coach will divide the players into two teams, with each team serving from either the deuce or advantage court

2. The coach will line up a number of cones in either tram lines (see diagram)

3. The players will begin hitting serves (for advanced players the coach will tell the player’s what serve they must hit, such as a kickserve, flat serve etc.)

4. If a player gets the serve in they will go collect a cone from their corresponding line of cones and place it in the service box that they are aiming for.

5. This will continue until one of the players hits a cone that has been placed in their service box, by one of their team members. Once this happens, the game finishes and that team that hit one of their cones is declared the winner.


Stout's Serves


For advanced players, the coach can play first to 5 points, that is, every time a team wins, they get one point and then a new game begins. The teams can then switch between serving deuce and advantage courts.

An alternative rule you could try, is to limit the cones to 5 cones per team, and allow a team member who hits their serve in, to take a cone from the other team’s service box and put it in their own service box.

We would like to thank Aaron Stout for this great tennis serving drill!


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