On The Run

On The Run works by having two champions on one side of the court (picture left side in the image below), standing on the baseline.

One player will stay permanently as the volleyer at the net, until the challengers win two points in a row.

  1. The coach will feed a ball to begin the point to a player who will be on the run (starting at the corner of the doubles line and baseline). The point will continue from this position
  2. If the challengers win the first point. They will receive a 2nd point, that will begin from a short-ball feed from the coach to the same player who received the first feed. This player must come up to the net after the approach shot and play the point out from there.
  3. If the challenges win the second point they take the place of the champions on the other side, and the former-champions go to the back of the line.
  4. The person at the front of the line will then go up to the volley position for the next phase of the game.

on the run

The coach should swap the line to the other side of the court half way through the drill so that they have an opportunity to hit shots on the run from the other way (backhands this time for right-handers).


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