Killer is a high-aerobic-capacity running tennis game that works great for groups.

  1. Two players will position themselves on the doubles sideline on either side of the net, with the remainder of the players waiting in a single line behind the net-post.
  2. When the coach says go they will run to the middle of the net and touch it, while then beginning to run back into position.
  3. The first player to touch the net will receive the feed. The coach should feed the ball while the player is still trying to run back. However for beginners, the coach can wait until the player is in position to feed the ball, to begin the point.
  4. The point is played out.
  5. When the point is finished the loser will leave the court immediately. While this is happening the winner of the point has to run and touch either the net or a side or back fence before the next player in line at the net-post tries to touch the middle of the net first to receive the feed.
  6. The coach will feed the ball for the next point to the player that touches first (i.e. the previous points winner who was trying to touch the fences or net; or the next player in line at the net who is trying to touch the middle of the net first).

Killer Tennis Game

  1. August 25, 2015

    Love it!

    • August 26, 2015

      Thanks Jack!


  2. September 24, 2015

    Very nice

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