Joker Tennis

In Joker Tennis the coach will pick one player from either team who will be the joker for 5 points in a row.

The point of Joker Tennis is for each team to target the joker on the other end of the court.

1. The coach will feed balls into play. The feed will rotate between the jokers on either end of the court.

2. Each time the joker loses a point for their team, by either the joker making a mistake or the ball being won in the joker’s section of the court (such as a winner) the opposing team will win 3 points.

3. The game will continue as per normal, outside of this ‘joker rule’, where a normal point won that does not involve the joker on the final shot or play, will still give the team that won the point 1 point.

4. Every 5 points the coach will need to select a new joker.


Joker Tennis


A team cannot hide their joker player. The joker player must stand and play as per normal (as per the diagram). However the coach should describe and emphasize appropriate team tactics before the match begins that the teams should work on in order to protect their joker and target the joker on the opposing team.

Have some great team tactics that would work well for Joker Tennis? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. December 21, 2014

    Great stuff here guys, keep up the good work, I just signed up, thanks.

    • January 18, 2015

      Thanks Thomas! ~ Caleb

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