First to a Hundred

  1. In this tennis game, two teams are created. Each team must pick a king to go to the other end of the court to be the return-shot player.
  2. Teams will line up on either side of the court and hit in a down-the-line direction, playing first to one hundred shots.
  3. Every time a mistake is made by the return shot player, the player on the other side of the court must run down and swap positions with the return-shot player. The coach will not feed the next ball until each player is in position.
  4. If a mistake is made the number of shots the teams are up to will continue, e.g. if a mistake is made after 24 shots, the next shot in the next rally will be the 25th shot.
  5. The coach will feed the next ball into play to the team that made the mistake.
  6. The team that hits 100 shots first wins.

first to hundred tennis game


This is also a fun warm-up game for group lessons.

  1. March 5, 2016

    Like the drill for a good warm up but just want to check, the players on the team alternate who hits during the rally i.e. one ball in play hit by the ‘king’ then player 1, king, player 2, king, player 3 etc?

    • March 5, 2016

      Yes that’s correct 🙂



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