Fence Drill

This game is a great tennis drill that rewards teamwork and consistency. Teams can be as large or small as the coach desires.

  1. The coach will assign teams and play first to 11 points (or whatever score works best).
  2. When each point is finished the player who either makes the mistake, or is closest to the ball if a winner is hit, must run and touch the nearest side or back fence before joining in with the next point. The example in the image below is the player on the top left part of the court who is about to run to touch the back fence.
  3. The coach will feed to where the player was who has run to the fence so another team mate must move across to hit the feed.

fence drill

  1. August 25, 2015

    I’m trying to understand the two players at the net in some drills. Are four players positioned on the court at same time on each side or that just shows where they could end up?

    • August 26, 2015

      Hi Jack it just depends how many players you have playing, if there’s 4 players per team it makes sense to position them in the four quadrants of the court. Hope that makes sense thanks, Caleb

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